Monday, April 18, 2011

Taking out the 'rents

A lot of progress has occurred within this last week. We have done some sanding, painting, sleep area modifications, and most amazingly, Brent has given us POWER! Also we had our first passengers on a sail and have met many fellow boaters at the marina. Yeah us!

Last Sunday we took my parents out for our first passenger sail. I was a little uptight about the whole deal, knowing that my mom tends to be a worrier and my dad is a bit of a control freak. I could just imagine the stress ramping up in blood pressure and vocal volume if our parking shenanigans go the way they have been - mainly bouncing into every boat (softly) on the way back to the slip with the two of us debating about which way to push the rudder while holding the reversing propeller in the water. Add the 'rents and we have a recipe for disaster! Fortunately (miraculously) we had perfect sailing weather, had a fantastic time and were able for the first time to back into our slip without any problems. After getting the boat put away, we headed to Scuttlebutts for a drink and a snack. From the animated conversation I could tell that Mom and Dad had a good time.

This weekend we concentrated on getting our boat into condition. I spent what felt like 20 hours polishing all the metal and sanding the teak. I now know why Popeye has such big forearms! I also did some interior painting and helped Brent cut boards for the sleeping areas. Brent really impressed me by getting all our battery power working like it should. We celebrated by staying out on the boat way after dark for a game of cribbage.

Our next goal is twofold. Brent wants to take the next electrical step and get shore power working, and I want to try sailing out of the pass into the gulf. Hopefully between Brent's charity pancake breakfast, Easter, work, and my Dad's bday we will have a chance to even look at the boat this weekend.


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Carla said...

It must be amazing to have people as passangers and make them feel the way you feel every day. And your parents must be thrilled. I remember the firs time my parents came to Argentina, where I liveed at the time. I had decided to rent an apartment in buenos aires . There, if you have dollar money, things cost almost nothing due to the exchange rate, so I had been able to rent a very luxurious flat, in the 32nd floor, with a gym and a jacuzzi. When my parents saw it, they had water in their eyes. They saw me as a successful independent young woman and felt proud of me. That touched me and the whole time was moving. So, to sum up, I´m sure you had a great experience with your parents as passengers!