Sunday, March 27, 2011

We are sailing!

This weekend we got our first taste of the sailing lifestyle. Saturday Brent went out and wrestled with the electrical on the boat and then picked me up for a big evening marina style. Pillows and blankets in hand we went out to the boat, dropped everything off and headed to the marina bar to take advantage of the 2.99 oysters and 2.00 beer. I have to say, people near water are a lot nicer than people in general. Brent and I had the chart of St. Andrews Bay out to learn the water depths near us (you will find out later which of us actually looked at the chart) and everyone who walked by asked us where we were headed and offered advice. We met a few folks that kept their boats at the marina and ended the night at our new friend Adrian's boat for a little live music.

Sunday morning we awoke to the sound of waves lapping on the hull and jumped into action. We ran home for a little breakfast and to let Ramona out and pick up some Subway lunch for later. The weather was warm but overcast but no rain in the forecast. By 11:00 we were back on the boat, motoring out.

We started out one step at a time. Mainsail up,back and forth across the bay. The wind and tide were working against us and we seemed to be making absolutely no headway. Brent and I both took turns at the tiller with about equal success. On my turn we finally got a break on the wind and picked up enough speed to do a smooth tack. Suddenly we just seemed to stall. As I am looking at Brent trying to understand why the boat isn't turning, he gives me the fantastic info that yes, I have managed to run us aground. No problem, we have a retractable keel! Unfortunately when Brent went to wind it up all that came up was a broken wire. Note to self: sign up for Sea Tow Monday! Luckily the tide was in our favor and we were soon on our way.

After a lunch break we got daring and put up the jib sail. Holy crap! We increased our speed by about 80% and both of us got our real first taste of the excitement of sailing. We had our little boat screaming thru the bay to the point we were a bit awed by the power of the wind-yeah right, we were more or less scared x!&*less! Still a ton of fun!

After 5 hours of fun we brought our boat safely back to the marina and wrestled the bitch back into the slip with both of us having the biggest feeing of accomplishment. I think this sailing thing might be for us!

Til next time!

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