Wednesday, March 16, 2011

first night

In my brain I have been imagining sitting on a boat, having a beer, and looking across the water discussing life's questions. After 5 hours of killing mildew and Kmarting for pop lights I got to fulfill that first ambition.
Brent and I hung out at the spiffy clean boat last night after dining on $1.99/doz oysters from the marina bar "Scuttlebutts". Holy crap! $1.99?!? Our bartender Sarah sp? was super. We sat in our boat till the dew set in and had a fantastic night dreaming and planning our Summer on the water. I think I might have a hard time getting Brent to leave the dock. He is a bit afraid to move onto the next stage of our adventure- learning how to sail. He is way too good at imagining the worst case scenario- out of gas, no wind, run aground, sea monsters, giant octopus- you name it, he's contemplated.
Fortunately he will have at least a weeks reprieve as we leave tomorrow for New Orleans and from there a cruise to Mexico with his family for a week. Maybe we will get a chance to sail some Cats to get his confidence up! Anyways I know I will be chomping at the bit to get back and test out our new toy. Hopefully I won't lose sleep worrying about her while we are gone.

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