Monday, March 14, 2011

We gotta boat and a dream

I know its been a long time. What can I say, we have been wrapped up in the mundane day to day existence that is living in my parents' guest house, going to work, and trying to save money for our next big adventure.
After about a 6 month debate on what we should do next - move to Holland, get a VW van and drive the PanAmerican highway, join the Peace Corps, live for a year in an all inclusive resort- we finally decided on buying a sailboat and traveling the world. I should probably let you know that neither Brent or I have ever sailed a boat bigger than a 12 ft dingy and have never been out of sight of land. Thats OK, if it was easy then it wouldn't be an adventure!
We decided to start our blog again to keep track of our progress toward our goal and hopefully entertain you guys while we are at it.

In the last few months we have put our preparations into high gear. Brent went to a boat show with my Dad, we got a subscription to the magazine Attitudes and Latitudes, spent way to much time on Sailboat looking at boats, and discovered that we need a lot of training before we will be ready to set sail.

Our first step was enrolling in Sea School (thanks Mom and Dad) to learn the rules of the road and how to read and plot a chart. After 2 weeks of intense study both Brent and I passed our class and qualified for our 6 pack captains licence. We will be legally be allowed to take up to 6 people out on a boat for money as soon as we take a drug test, take a cpr class, and the real stumper, get lots of hours of sea time. How do we get sea time without a boat?

In order to move toward our goal of living on a sailboat and sailing the high seas we need to get some time on a boat. After a search on Craig's List looking up everything from Hobie Cats to Sunfish, Brent found us a sailboat that seemed too good to be true- a 26ft 1979 Helms sailboat for only $1700! We found a slip in a nearby marina called Sun Harbor for cheap and our new "practice boat" arrived today. And so the adventure begins...

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