Wednesday, March 16, 2011

what a nice post!

Ah yes, the boat. I commend Fran for spending so much time and effort cleaning the boat. It really does look nice and we had a wonderful time last night. However, tonight, the eve of our trip to New Orleans and family vacation, the markets took it on the chin, and here I sit feeling very uptight. Now I know why pot is the drug of choice for stockbrokers. Worrying about other people's money is unnerving.

I will likely spend a lot of time on the boat over the summer because it is very relaxing. I think learning to rely on wind and water and your equipment will be much more fun. Earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear unrest is not good for the soul or people's retirement plans.

The runup of the Yen, municipal bonds, government deficits, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, regional managers, rental properties, and non-profit fundraisers make sailing sound like a dream. And by the way, if I win the lottery, I want $2ook for the rest of my life and I promise to give the rest of it away to charities all over the world as I travel by sail.

Get it back together world. I want to enjoy sailing and seeing the world without so much stress.

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